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Accommodation in Durban - in Durban -
Accommodation in Durban - in Durban -

Accommodation in Durban

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Accommodation in Durban is even better than a number of the greatest coastal holidays on this great planet. the city of Durban has a history of being known as the greatest vacation town for local South Afrikans. Just since the assimilation of South Africa into the global community ever since 1994 since the arrival of freedom and the democratic system and the collapse of Apartheid has South Africa began to be acknowledged as a greatest global traveler Mecca for international travelers. However most travelers go to the same holidays i.e. "Cape Town" and "The Kruger National Park". these holidays are eminent to foreigners and fairly so However most foreigners don't know the secret that local South Afrikans have acknowledged for a stretched time and that is that the city of Durban is unrivaled as the greatest family coastal vacation place in South Africa.

The city of Durban also prides itself on various excellent entertainment parks ,water slide parks, galleries a botanical garden,swimming with sharks,surfing and sports activities,the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere and exotic cultures beyond your wildest dreams or what you can imagine.

First of all the calm, hot climate besides the blue flag beaches besides the temperate Indian Ocean makes for an distinctly, remarkable and pleasing family vacation.

December is the height vacation term in South Africa plus the centre of summer for the southern hemisphere making accommodation in Durban throughout this term greatly adored and desirable.So book well in advance to avoid a setback.

I go 4 to 5 times per year to Durban with my family and we still swim in the sea even in winter. the water is still warm and the weather still perfect for shorts and sandals.

If you are in search of accommodation in Durban there are three most important regions to consider.

Umhlanga: (pronounced "Umshlunga") Is in the Northern part of the coast of the city of Durban and is the most developed and contemporary,It prides itself on excellent 1st world infrastructure,5 star hotels and is highly urbanized. alas many foreigners don't want to be in a busy town situation for a vacation.

Durban Beach : Is one more greatly desirable preference. Its positioned in the inner part of the old city with historical monuments and attention grabbing architecture colonial, art deco etc. its also greatly densely populated and greatly busy but with a bit more character.

South coast: Amanzimtoti and Kingsburgh are just at the southern tip of the city of Durban and are also greatly desirable. Amanzimtoti is also greatly built up and developed but still has a small town touch to it. Kingsburgh is my personal favorite. Its pristine,refreshing ,has large private beaches and is quaint. This for me would be the perfect coastal vacation where you can catch up your sleep,lye on the sea shore and relax under the sun.

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